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Hounslow Highways Poster Competition

School Council


WOW! What an amazing time we have had. Every week we get more and more suggestions. One of the most difficult obstacles we nee to pass is the school dinner’s menu. In each class we have half the amount of a dozen suggestions. Everyone’s job has been placed and we have started to work together. So far we have had the main cook come in and talk to us about what is a possible option on the menu. Despite the lunch menu, we’ve got lots of ideas to change the school. Out of all the idea the most popular ones are:

Headphones in the ITC sweet, more fundraisers, class competitions, science projects and extending the climbing frame. Also, in the first meeting, we came up with comments of the school and the people in it. Before every meeting we have a class meeting.


The alert team are: Harry (yr1) and John (yr3)

The treasurers are: Siobhan (yr5) and Olivia (yr6)

Secretary: Michal (yr4)

Public Liaison Officer: Nana Yyr4)

Deputy Head: Hollie (yr6)

Head: Lilianna (yr6)

School Council Teacher: Mrs Sheehan


A special thank you to Mrs Sheehan for being part of our community. Also a school council goodbye to Mrs Acres. You will always be in our heart. You will truly be missed. As the school council go by, we will feel more confident to share ideas. Thankfully we will be honoured with our new head teacher. We will be delighted to welcome our new head teacher into the school.

We are blessed t be apart of OLSJ.


You’re sincerely,


School Council Team!