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Yr3 Trip to the Gudwara

Yr3 Trip to the Gudwara

On Monday 13th June, Year 3 had the opportunity to visit a local Gurdwara as part of our ‘other faiths’ week. We got to explore the Gurdwara and see where they worship and keep their special book, the Guru Granth Sahib. We then learnt all about the history of the Gurdwara and how they help the people in their community. Afterwards, we had the opportunity to visit the Langar; this is a place where all people from all communities can come and have some food. It was set up by one of the Sikh Guru’s as he believed that no one should ever be hungry. We had dahl, rice and a chapatti; it was delicious!

Year 3 had a great morning and we learnt a lot about the Sikh religion.