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Physical Education

Physical Education 

"All children will be encouraged and inspired to be active, healthy and lifelong participants in physical activity and sport." 


"Be the best version of yourself: for yourself, your team mates and everyone you're representing." 

Kate Richardson Walsh



Physical Education contributes to children physical, social, mental and emotional development and well-being.  OLSJ’s physical education programme aims to provide pupils with the skills, knowledge and understanding of how to participate in physical activity safely and effectively, and to continue being active throughout their lives.

A high-quality physical education curriculum inspires all pupils and gives them the confidence to participate in a broad range of activities, with the aim for the children to achieve physical literacy. Steps are taken to ensure children become independent learners and are able to take on responsibilities where appropriate.

Activities between each year group are scaffolded appropriately so skills, knowledge and understanding are progressed to meet the ability of the children, with differentiation strategies (S.T.E.P) process implemented to engage and challenge every pupil in the lesson.

There are opportunities to learn, develop and refine skills, and then select and apply these in unopposed and competitive situations against themselves and their peers through both individual and team challenges.

The underlying theme throughout lessons is for children to understand how, when and why physical activity contributes to their overall health and fitness.

Children are able to observe and analyse performance and identify the strengths and areas for improvement, and detail what the next steps are in their development. 

Sports Leaders

What we do as sports leaders


´As sports leaders we have the responsibility to help and support you with your health so you can enjoy playing sports with your friends
´During lunch times we will be in the ‘Sports Hub’ organizing some fun games to encourage and boost your health.
´We will also be teaching you how to share and treat the equipment with care while also having fun playing.
´You will notice us as we will be wearing high vis jackets saying ‘OLSJ SPORTS LEADERS’
´ We will have a timetable of activities
´We will also have a timetable of who will be leading activities on certain days.
´We will be awarding stickers, house points and on Monday at celebration assembly day we will have 2 certificates, 1 for ks1 and 1 for ks2 and you could be picked if a sport captain has been impressed with you.